Born and raised here in Western Pennsylvania, Natalie understands what’s important for our families and our community. Now, she takes those values to Harrisburg to fight for us in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Growing up in Allegheny County, Natalie enlisted in the United States Navy after graduating from high school. In the Navy, she was part of the prestigious Nuclear Power Program working as a nuclear trained engineering laboratory technician. After her service in the Navy, she came home, and earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh.  She worked her way through law school and went on to serve as a prosecutor in Allegheny County, where she fought to protect victims and their families, and put dangerous criminals behind bars.

 From the U.S. Navy, to the courtroom here at home, Natalie has always put service above self and fought to protect our families and community. That’s why she stepped up to fight for us in Harrisburg as our Representative.

In Harrisburg, she’s worked to pass laws to make our communities safer. Natalie championed legislation protecting victims of human trafficking, working to get victims of violent crimes quicker relief, and ensuring justice. She’s worked to empower parents in their children’s education, expand economic opportunities for businesses and delivered better healthcare for Western PA.

As a wife and mother of three children, she understands the values of our families here in Western Pennsylvania. She will always work to ensure our children have the best future, our communities are safe, and our economy has a chance to thrive. Most importantly, she’ll always put your needs and our district first.

Natalie Mihalek has delivered for us. Let’s send her back to Harrisburg.