In the 2021–2022 session, Representative Mihalek has authored the following bills:

  1. Protecting human trafficking victims (HB 246)
    Signed into law.
  2. Adding criminal penalties to conceal the death of a child
    A law inspired by the tragic death of an infant in Washington County and inadequate punishment for the horrific crime.
  3. Establishing a policy to prevent graphic content in schools
    A law inspired by constituents whose children were shown inappropriate pop culture images at their school.
  4. Empowering parents with pandemic relief grants
    A measure inspired by parents who felt they had no voice in COVID policy decisions made by school officials.
  5. Requiring electronic monitoring for defendants in a PFA action
    Legislation providing victims with notification if their abuser is within a certain proximity.
  6. Creating the NEEDS grant program
    Establishing funding for human service organizations and nonprofits affected by the pandemic.
  7. Creating business attraction and low-income tax relief
    Part of the “COVID Comeback” package. This bill would lower CNIT and provide relief to low-income wage earners.
  8. Providing victims of violence compensation
    Accelerating victims to access funding and encouraging their participation in the prosecution of offenders.
  1. Creating an inmate education credit for dyslexia
    With nearly half of the prison population suffering with dyslexia, this bill aims to treat it with the end goal of reducing recidivism.
  2. Authoring the Military Sex Trauma Resolution
    Joint action with other female veterans in recognition of the thousands of military personnel who suffer sexual trauma every year.
  3. Restarting liquor privatization
    The state would no longer act as both retailer and regulator in liquor or any other industry.
  4. Addressing our healthcare heroes with mental health legislation.
  5. Increasing funding for Waterfront Development
    Increases the amount of funding available for successful development initiatives.
  6. Designing paratransit services parameters
    Inspired by a USC police officer, the bill sets parameters for those entrusted to transport underage mentally disabled children between facilities.
  7. Creating freedom for homemade food sellers
    Eliminating burdensome requirements and fees for individuals who sell food made from their home kitchens.
  8. Updating the SURE system
    Tightening requirements around the purging of voting rolls and requiring an independent audit.

Rep. Mihalek authored the above bills in a single term and co-sponsored dozens more.